IMG_0280 About Boya Bird Proof

Boya Bird Proofing came into business due to the incredible demand in the market. Having worked with bird proofing for more than five years and teaming up with a group that has more thanĀ a decadeĀ of experience in bird eviction, the company is well balanced and for today’s climate. It is also fully black owned and black managed. Boya specializes in safe and harmless removal of pest birds.

side_pic1_whyOur Mission

Boya is on a mission to provide services to factories, commercial buildings, warehouses and private homes in order to make them free from birds who become pests in accordance with the guidelines set by the Department of Environmental Affairs.


side_pic2_whyOur Vision

Our Vision is to actively participate in our economy by creating jobs and grow as a company and compete with the best locally and internationally.

Since we do not kill the birds, it is also important for society in general to be able to appreciate the presence of birds in our midst and co-exist with them whilst noting the discomfort and damage they can cause to our buildings. Pigeons are not the innocent ‘peace twig’ bearers we are made to believe. We harmlessly remove these birds from your buildings making them a pleasant environment to live, work and recuperate in.

We are just a phone call away!

Pics07Boya approach

Provide us with details of your bird infestation problem and we will investigate your building, and provide you with a lasting solution to remove and prevent the birds from coming back. No situation is too difficult! We have the experience and know how to tackle any problem and we are very thorough!