IMG_0189Boya Bird Proof  ‘ The Approach’

Give a detailed account of the problem you are facing with the ‘pest’ bird we will in turn give you a lasting solution. Birds are not a problem where the BB Team  has gone through. ( We are thorough!)

Boya “The bird problem”

Whilst different people experience specific problems with different birds, generally the most problematic birds in Southern Africa are Pigeons and Indian Mynnahs. The Pidgeon’s droppings create a lot of mess and the acid in their droppings corrode the newly painted walls, leading to expensive re-paintings. The nests they build inside ceilings, together with their droppings may cause ceilings to collapse leading to expensive repairs that are not budgeted for. Both birds carry parasites on their bodies such as lice, mites and bacteria which in turn can cause‘sick building syndrome’ and other fatal diseases and allergies.

IMG_0191Factories and Warehouses

These birds are in abundance in these places because of food and ‘accommodation’, food warehouse and factories are in danger of being closed down by the Health Department if the place they store or produce food and or process food is contaminated with droppings. Your clients may not accept soiled goods. It is to the public interest not to accept contaminated goods. ( Now you choose:- to lose the pest birds, money, your credibility  or your business)

Commercial Buildings and Private homes

The birds carry more than 40 known diseases some of which a fatal. Choose : lose a family member or a productive employee or choose to lose the birds. The birds mess up the corridors and stair ways, wet droppings can cause employees or visitors to slip and fall leading to expensive law suits. ( choose the law suits or send the pigeons packing). The birds carry more than 4000 lice in their bodies, imagine what happens if one of them dies inside your ceiling – ‘creepy ‘

IMG_0194How we do it

Our team will assess the infestation and make recommendation and quote out the job.

remove any nests, eggs and chicks in you building. 

Chemically clean the area 

apply the recommended solution, be it exclusion, eviction and management 

disinfect the to kill, destroy bacteria and other parasitic pest that were brought by pest birds 

advice on how to avoid attracting the birds to your property and maintain their absence. 

Depending on infestation we will return for touch-ups if infestation is bad or high. 

The Value

Guaranteed workmanship is our strength. 

A total of 20 years experience has matured our workmanship 

touch-ups on heavy infestations and post installation support 

no hidden costs 

the birds will never come back-hence your family and employees are safe and you will happily welcome health inspectors.

Our ‘Team’ can tackle any challenges in terms of size, from private home, through commercial buildings to factories and warehouses.

What we cannot do

Our Team does not do open field bird control.